Congress is Out of Control

    It’s Payback Time

Attention Congress:  Why I Went Nuclear:

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  • Pennsylvania fraudulently railroaded me for misdemeanors.

  • Judge Ernest DiSantis would not allow exclude himself because I claimed he was the Italian playboy for the Head Master at Cathedral Prep and probably abused as a child.

  • Attorney Dave Ridge (yes Tom Ridge’s brother – Ex-Governor of PA) lied straight to my face about taking a no contest plea to avoid State time and on the morning of trail the fucker told me one person testimony is enough for conviction: undoubtedly the dumbest attorney in America.

  • I finally found the evidence years later that PA hid the false testimony evidence which is now documented.

  • Then PA then committed fraud in a Federal Court to protect their unlawful conviction: they told the Federal Court my new found evidence of false testimony was dismissed in the lower court when it was not and that is now documented.

  • I took this fraudulent conviction of misdemeanors all the way to the United States Supreme Court and they said in so many words – it’s ok for PA to hide evidence and commit fraud in Federal Courts.

  • After all this, the fuckers in Congress took my misdemeanors when there were no laws on the books for Megan – forced the States to write unconstitutional ex post facto laws which now made my railroaded misdemeanors directly related to murder. So besides being railroaded for the fake crimes they now are telling the world I had due process and will probably commit murder. Well Congress assholes I plan to fuck you so bad that you may want to kill me – paybacks are a bitch – bring it on –  you Sons of Bitches and shame on the woman bitches in Congress too – almost forgot about you!

In summary:

Most of the bastards in Congress are simpletons and they need to be replaced ASAP. My beef is simple – The Cock Suckers can’t read or understand our United States Constitution. I’m fighting these assholes because Pennsylvania railroaded me for misdemeanors and then committed fraud in a Federal Court to protect their asses: when I showed the Supreme Court the evidence they said it was OK for PA to commit fraud. My main complaint to the Congress assholes is the hysteria they have caused by not understanding ex post facto law. Now every State in the United States keeps passing new ex post facto laws and now I can’t even travel across State lines because every State keep passing new ex post facto laws every year and the Congress bastards are the ones that gave them a green light to pass all these unconstitutional ex post facto laws. Congress pricks have now related misdemeanors to murder charges retroactively with ex post facto laws: only complete assholes in Congress could get away with such insanity. As for the rest of our American Issues that Congress tries to handle: they act like zombies that debate over the dumbest shit. They investigate their political party issues before American issues, so go fuck yourselves and get out of our government. I’m out to expose all you fuckers in Congress, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and the United States Supreme Court with all the smoking gun evidence slammed in all of your faces at this site: read and weep! You all have bigger problems then Russia!