Congress Out of Control – Smoking Gun Evidence of Fraud and Corruption


NOT!    Pay Back is a Bitch It’s Payback Time!


& The American Legal System has followed suit.

For those of you who might not like my French on the website – My Bad!


  • Imagine standing on a skyscraper and a Congress Member or U.S. Judge pushes you off the edge without any protection and they get away with it. Well that’s what it felt like to me and I have smoking gun evidence to support that death jump which was directly caused by the Legal System in America! I’m totally petrified of these people!

  • Marshall Prickasinni, a mentally disturbed Italian, acting prosecutor for Pennsylvania decided to railroad me for misdemeanors because the alleged victim, an Italian, was related to the Ex-Mayor (Mayor of Erie and Little Italy).

  • The trail judge – Judge Ernest DiSantis, another mentally disturbed Italian and classmate,  would not exclude himself because I indirectly claimed he was the Head Master’s play boy at Cathedral Prep.

  • Dave Ridge (Yes Homeland Security Head and Ex-Governor Tom Ridge’s brother) lied straight to my face saying: take a no contest plea – one person’s testimony is enough for conviction here in PA so avoid any State time. You have to be the sickest and most ineffective Attorney in PA. These legal people stick together like glue and they are above the laws in this country, so Dave could not be touched by any court in America. Waiting for America Citizens to see all the evidence I have on this fraudulent legal system.

  • Trying to find the hidden evidence by these legal bastards was hard but years later I found the hidden false testimony evidence that PA so fraudulently hid. This evidence would have proven that the alleged victim lied and was committing perjury and when I presented this evidence to the courts – it was dismissed fraudulently in the Federal Court, the lower court and finally the United States Supreme Court. Thus our legal system is geared to protect every member in it: member protection goes so far that they will even commit fraud and abandonment of our Constitution just to protect them! Yes I have the fucking evidence against these mf’ers.

  • PA fraud did not stop in the lower courts: PA also committed fraud in a Federal Court of Law just to protect their unlawful State conviction. When I presented the false testimony evidence to the Federal Court, PA had the balls to tell the Federal Court that the evidence of false testimony was dismissed in the lower court when they knew it was not: now you know why I call the PA prosecutor Marshall Prick-a-sin-ni! I hired an Attorney that confirmed that this evidence was never dismissed in the lower court and I have that documented.

  • Then the highest court in the land – the United States Supreme Court of America implied – it’s ok for PA to hide evidence and commit fraud in Federal Courts: proving they are out of control just like Congress. Imagine showing the United States Supreme Court substantial evidence of fraud against PA and they dismiss it: thus allowing the fraud of PA to go undetected.

  • Then finally no due process and punishment changes in all the States: The f–kers in Congress took my misdemeanors and applied ex post facto laws upon me and forced the States to write more ex post facto law. Now besides being fraudulently railroaded by a fucked-up legal system for the misdemeanors, their unconstitutional end-running of our United States Constitution allows ex post facto laws that tell the world that I did have due process and will probably murder someone – this is when I drew the line and went nuclear. These Mother F–kers have allowed railroaded misdemeanors to stand and be punishable for life just because the United States Supreme Court is brain dead and illegally changed the meaning of our constitution. The SOB’s are out of control and I hope everyone in America will start to see just how fucked up they all are: many know already! Here’s one example: No American Citizens can even count the number of laws we have in the United States and then they tell us – ignorance of the laws is no excuse – go fuck yourselves. There are over 20,000 laws just on guns are you all completely fucking nuts? Now look at this fuck up thinking: The United States Supreme Court only hears about 2 or 3% of the cases before them and Congress and the Supreme Court won’t even address it because they believe this is good access to our highest court. When State Courts and Federal Courts commit fraud to hide their crimes how in the hell can American Citizens have law and order when the Supreme Court says it’s OK? When the highest court in the land constantly dismisses over 96% of the cases presented to them every freaking year how is this access to a court? And if any citizen attacks these so-called legal authorities the U.S. Supreme Court just dismisses it; Go figure!


Additional Notes:

Most of the bastards in Congress are simpletons and they need to be replaced ASAP. My beef is simple – These cock suckers can’t read or understand our United States Constitution. I’m fighting these assholes because Pennsylvania railroaded me for misdemeanors and then committed fraud in a Federal Court to protect their asses: when I showed the Supreme Court the evidence they implied that it was OK for PA to commit fraud. But one of my main complaints to the Congress assholes is the hysteria they have caused by not understanding ex post facto law. Now every State in the United States keeps passing new ex post facto laws and now some of us can’t even travel across State lines because every State keep passing new ex post facto laws and it was the Congress bastards that gave them a green light to pass all these unconstitutional ex post facto laws. The pricks have related misdemeanors to murder charges retroactively with ex post facto laws: pure insanity. As for the rest of our American Issues that they try to handle: they act like zombies that debate over the dumbest shit. They investigate their political party issues before American issues and they do it like snails with Alzheimer’s, so go fuck yourselves and get out of our government. I’m out to expose most of you fuckers in Congress, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and the United States Supreme Court with all this smoking gun evidence slammed in all your faces using the following site:

You bastards in Congress get $174,000.00 pre year for life: I’m saying you are not even worth minimum wage. You simpletons have f–ked the wrong Honorably Discharged Veteran for misdemeanors, you have forced me to risk my life in an illegal war, and now you fuckers deny me justice. America is going down the wrong path:  Michael Moore’s movie ‘Who Do I Invade Next’ shows some possible options around the world for new paths.

If you think the Megan Law is protecting your children then think again, your children are now relating some strangers with sex and murder. There is probably a sex offender in walking distance of your home right now and the fear of Megan  is evil sex, hate, attempted murder, death, and blood everywhere. Sounds like a great way to train your children? Some young girls now believe that sex with other girls in now the safest way to avoid death and avoid pregnancy.  There are some people on the Megan List that love having sex and some have married their victim, so I’m going out on a limb here but I’m thinking most of the people on the Megan List don’t want to kill right after sex. Some people like Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis didn’t want to kill their lover after sex but according to current law they would be on the Megan List as a potential murder threat to your children. Best estimates today have the Virgin Mary having Jesus at 12 years old whereby an angel sent by a God did her: try making that work today. Man’s law says 18 is OK for sex so they are implying God fucked up when he created us in his image and allowed girls as young as 6 years old to have a baby. Hey fuckers we are not all created equal, we are all different. My ex used forged insurance policies to instill death fears into mine and her very own children and she got away with it because of the Megan Law hysteria. I have the facts and the evidence and the child-fuckers at the Supreme Court didn’t do a God Damn thing about it. If you people at the Supreme Court think hearing 3 % of the case load is Ok you better think again! If you are thinking I’m pissed off — BINGO!

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