Congress is Out of Control

$10,000 Reward Offered

It’s Payback Time For You Congress Assholes

Either I’m out of control or Congress is out of control – you make the call after review of this site! All the evidence on this website is verifiable in court records so help yourself. Since Congress and the Courts have totally shocked my mind with their insanity it’s a miracle that I’m still alive. I’m sure some people have seen this legal insanity that is going on and have decided to take their own lives; they are just sick of the power and corruption of our legal system. For those of you on the edge, hang tight, I’m trying to fix this shit that they have caused. When I realized that the legal system can force people to actually believe that a green light is now a red light I knew we had a serious problem in America. Congress is out of control and the courts are just as bad. Hard to believe but check it out I have smoking gun evidence of the insanity of Congress and our legal system.

  • I have evidence that Pennsylvania fraudulently convicted me for misdemeanors and then to protect his illegal conviction they committed fraud upon a Federal Court.

  • Evidence that Judge Ernest DiSantis would not allow exclude himself because I might have claimed he was a playboy for the Head Master at Cathedral Prep and that his family knew Kathryn’s uncle.

  • Evidence that Attorney Dave Ridge (yes Tom Ridge’s brother – Ex-Governor of PA) lied straight to my face about why I should take a no contest plea to avoid State time and was ineffective because on the morning of trial the fucker told me one person testimony is enough for conviction: undoubtedly the dumbest attorney in America if he thinks I’m going to let him get away with it.

  • I finally found the evidence years later that PA willfully hid the false testimony evidence which is now documented.

  • Evidence that PA committed fraud in a Federal Court when they told the Federal Court my new found evidence proving false testimony was dismissed in the lower court when it was not and that is now documented.

  • Evidence that I took this fraudulent conviction of misdemeanors all the way to the United States Supreme Court and they said in so many words – it’s ok for PA to hide evidence and commit fraud in Federal Courts.

  • Evidence that the fuckers in Congress took my misdemeanors when there were no laws on the books – forced the States to write unconstitutional ex post facto laws which now made my railroaded misdemeanors directly related to murder. So besides being railroaded for the fake crimes they now are telling the world I had due process and will probably commit murder. OK there maybe there are a few of you that are not assholes but I haven’t heard any objections for you. These bastards have end-run the U.S. Constitution because now they say laws signed into law by Governors are not really ex post facto laws. Only problem is that our constitution says- you can not pass any law which is ex post facto.  Insanity at its best for sure, go figure!

In summary:

Most of the people in Congress are simpletons and they need to be replaced ASAP. My beef is simple – They can’t read or understand our United States Constitution. My main complaint is the hysteria they have caused by not understanding ex post facto law. Now every State in the United States keeps passing new ex post facto laws. If you watch the news concerning our law makers you can surely see just how sick they are. After spending over 7 million to see if Russia had any affect on our election with nothing yet do you see that these attorneys and law makers share the same bed? What country in the world allows prosecutors an unlimited budget to conviction any one thus giving only billionaires an even chance to win in a court battle. Only in America can this type of smoke and mirrors work and I’m claiming that these assholes need to go.


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